We are proud at m+w of our partnerships with local distributors and produce suppliers. With this in mind, our main beer supplier is Hargreaves Hill; a local brewer based in Lilydale. 


With precise timing, carefully selected hops are added at different stages during the brewing process.  This results in a distinct bright, citrusy and floral hop character, and adds a thirst quenching bitterness.


HOPS  Ella, Simcoe
MALT  Ale Malt, Crystal Malt 
ABV 4.9%   

IBU 30   

EBC 14 

Hargreaves Hill 'Pale Ale' 6-pack

Add a 'Grand Final BBQ Pack' for $50
  • Pickup from the cafe during opening hours. Home delivery is not available.

196-198 Canterbury Road, Heathmont

(03) 8719 8877

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